Cooking masterclasses take place in a cozy bar in the center of Tbilisi. Their duration is 2-2.5 hours. During the masterclass you will learn how to make khinkali and khachapuri (Imeretian or Adjarian). The dough and stuffing for khinkali and khachapuri would be prepared in advance, the chef will teach you sculpting and shaping khachapuri, he will give you the dough and toppings recipe. After cooking you can try your khinkali and khachapuri in the pleasant atmosphere of the cafe. A master class can be combined with one of the excursions around Tbilisi.


As an alternative we can offer you a masterclass in the classic Georgian restaurant, Tabla, where you can prepare any dish from the menu. Experienced chefs dedicated to specific features of Georgian cuisine will teach you how to cook many traditional Georgian dishes. Cost and details are upon request.


For groups of 8 people or more: you can attend a masterclass at the Georgian Culinary Academy. Duration is 3-4 hours. During the master class you will learn how to cook 3-4 Georgian dishes. There are multi-day courses as well. Cost and details are upon request.