Inexpensive Restaurants in Tbilisi

Inexpensive Restaurants in Tbilisi

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In Tbilisi, there is an incredible number of attractive restaurants and cafes in the city centre and you can find them at every step! In previous reviews we have already told you about the Popular Restaurants in Tbilisi in the highest price segment and the Most attractive Cafes in Tbilisi, and today we will talk about the restaurants and cafes where you can eat tasty and inexpensive meal while walking around the city. The average bill per person for a fairly hearty lunch with drinks will be approximately 25 GEL (about $11).


Грузинский ресторан Machakhela


While walking through the old town, it is difficult to overpass a café serving khachapuri Machakhela on Freedom square. The building consists of 3 floors, and in good weather it is better to sit on veranda so you have fantastic views of the historic part of the city and Metekhi Church.
Machakhela  is one of the most popular cafes in Georgia. It is a networking of cafes with Georgian cuisine, which includes more than 15 institutions. The main specialization of Machakhela    is khachapuri. Here you can choose from more than ten types of this dish: with meat or without, with lobio, vegetables, cheese, Megrelian, Imeretian and so on + the size varies from small to huge (these giants can serve 2-3 people easily)! In addition to the khachapuri in the restaurant there are plenty dishes to choose:  there is  a large selection of khinkali and other Georgian dishes in the menu. House wine has a good quality, and is very inexpensive. For dessert, you can enjoy a Cup of Turkish coffee with sweets. The prices are more than reasonable. The only negative thing is that in the evening during the tourist season it can be difficult to find a free table and most likely you will have to wait until your order is served. But a great location and affordable prices make many tourists return again and again despite everything.

Our Opinion:

The service is not always perfect.
Can be very crowded in the season.
Barbecue in Machakhela can be better, but the khinkali and khachapuri are tasty.
In a warm season try to take a table on the veranda, you will not regret. By the way, it should be noted, since a large part of the local population smokes, if you don’t smoke try to choose a place outside.

Address: Tbilisi, Meidan Square, 26


грузинская кухня, таглаура


Another popular restaurant chain in Tbilisi is Taghlaura. It includes 4 restaurants, located in different parts of the city. In contrast to the Machakhela with a fairly modest interior, Taghlaura has a very nice design. While entering the restaurant, you find yourself in the picturesque Georgian interior based on the national style. In addition, in the evenings there is a live music (Georgian folk music), which only enhances the atmosphere of this place.

In Taghlaura try their signature light and dark beer, which is made by a brewery and their bottled lemonade, prepared according to traditional recipe made of Georgian fruits and berries. Wine lovers should try inhouse Kakhetian wine, which is made especially for this restaurant.

The choice of tables in Taghlaura  is huge – you can sit on the street in front of a small waterfall, on the veranda etc. In contrast to the Machakhela there are no problems to book a table here.
Our Recommendations:

Restaurants are located not in the historical center of Tbilisi, they can be reached by taxi.
The musicians begin at 20.00 daily.
Lovely authentic interior and a great selection of tables make the restaurants of this network a great place for dinner with friends or for a big company.
Be sure to try khinkali, cheese with mint leaves (“nadugi”) and their signature lemonade.
By the way, in all Georgian restaurants 10% service charge is added to the bill.


Шемоихеде Генацвале


Another popular Georgian restaurant, with inexpensive but high-quality Georgian cuisine and a good level of service – “Shemoikhede Genatsvale”. It is located in the city centre, the menu includes Georgian and European dishes. Among the pros: pretty good service, the restaurant is open late. Since the opening of the restaurant in Tbilisi in 2005 to the present time has been already opened several cafes with this name in the franchise.

Be sure to order the crown of the Georgian chicken soup “chikhirtmaand khinkali stuffed with chakapuli.

Address: Tbilisi, Kote Aphazi 25 and Cavchavadze Avenue 50


Грибы в кеце


If you want to try Georgian cuisine without embellishment, be sure to visit the tavern “Racha” in the historical part of the city. The tavern is a small tavern, a former popular in the old days in the Caucasus. With the mind of the spirit “Racha” is a completely unremarkable establishment, which, even with the map, not so easy to find, even though it is close to Hiking trails. The interior of this small restaurant is more than modest, and therefore pre-warn you that if your plans did not include opening of new authentic places in Tbilisi, and you planned to have dinner in the modern restaurant, you here should not go! The majority of visitors were local residents. The menu is only in Georgian, so if you don’t know the language, to do the explaining on fingers. Ordering cooked very quickly, the service is also not satisfactory. But the most important is, of course, excellent taste of the dishes that you bring. Be sure to try khinkali and abkhazura”.

Our recommendations:

Very cheap and cheerful, but yummy!

Address: Tbilisi, Lermontov St. 6/20.


In Georgia it is impossible to stay hungry. Even if you are just walking through the old town, you can find countless number of excellent restaurants with a very different price category. In this article we told you about just a few popular choices, but frankly, the list is endless. If you have your favorite restaurants in Tbilisi that we forgot to mention in the article, please let us know in the comments below! 🙂


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